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An integrated single-window digital platform can act as a key enabler in enhancing efficiency when it comes to modernization of ports. The software product engineering team at Experion has the best hands onboard that can leverage embedded technologies such as sensors, IoT and RFID to offer port users a seamless digital transformation solution. Our modular system xPort is equipped with fully automated workflows and a suite of applications, developed by practitioners with decades of maritime expertise.

Why xPort?

Digitization of ports is imperative in boosting efficiency and transparency for the port management. How does xPort facilitate that? Find out below:

Next generation solution envisioned by maritime

Enhances port logistics as it is designed for
multiple ports and terminal port authorities

Reduces transaction costs and enables accurate sharing and re-use of
information in the port community

Explore The Offerings Of xPort

Digital Innovation

Digital transformation solutions entail businesses to be future-ready while being aligned with the strategic intent of bringing about digital
innovation methods in ports. x-Port enables digital transformation initiatives for the maritime domain and guides customers to strategize
and facilitate the execution of these initiatives.

Modern Port Management

Built by port experts, xPort is a cloud-ready system with automated workflows aimed at providing complete transparency for Port
operations. The interoperability and modular architecture of xPort enables the streamlining of solutions for multiple ports and terminals in:

Port Operations Management

Terminal Access Management

Terminal Operations Management

Maritime Single Window

xPort acts as a one-stop-solution for traders, ports, regulatory agencies and other community stakeholders to exchange information.
Leveraging the best digital technologies, xPort offers an intuitive user experience and offers future-proof benefits;

  • Effective Stakeholder Relations Management
  • Seamless Intercommunication Between
    All Port Stakeholders
  • Optimum Port Operations
  • Secure, Centralized Access
    Control for Stakeholders
  • Improved Port Potential
    and Sustainability

Looking for a reason to choose us

Here are three!

Product engieering setting
Product engineering DNA

We design better software solutions with
the end-user’s perspective.

Designing custom solutions
Designing custom solutions

Our solutions are designed to suit your

Promising future ready solutions
Promising future-ready solutions

We deliver future-ready solutions
that promise a lifetime of value.

Key Features

Manage Ships That Call
at the Ports

Manage Cargo Through
the Ports

Manage Port Security
and Access

Calculate Invoices

Provide Accruals and
Cost Figures

KPIs Listing

Manage Ship

Manage Port

Exchange Information
with Port Stakeholders

Manage Customers
and Vendors


Compatibility with Tablets
and Smartphones

Hear It From Our Clients

That leverage of power of system digital to create custom software applications and tools for a wide range of industries such as retail, transportation, supply chain and financial services.

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Their efficiency is what stands out to me the most. They jumped on a fairly aggressive project, which ended up being bigger than we thought, but they never backed off. They worked with us on a daily basis to achieve the results we needed.

Fintech Company, New York

After the first few projects, Experion Technologies has become more seasoned and familiar with our standards and our personnel. We have developed a healthy and trusting working relationship...the entirety of their work makes it easier for our customers to do their jobs.

Transportation & Logistics Solutions Company,

Experion provides valuable insight into what tools we should use and how aspects should be built, but the final decision is mine. Experion seems to truly care about my success and doing a good job. They’re quick to respond to my decisions, and they’re often ahead of me, which is impressive.

Nonprofit Software Company, Cleveland,

Experion’s fusion of methodologies elicits maximum efficiency, and their willingness to take on challenges continues to leave a profound impression...they projected this perspective at all levels of their organization. As a true partner, Experion always helps us reach the most suitable solution.

IT Manager,
Retail Solutions Company,

Thanks to Experion’s technical skills, the enhanced product has facilitated significant company growth...their problem-solving abilities and accessibility continue to impress.

Hospitality Software,

To date, the launched apps are being used to successfully manage the freight operations of many of Australia and New Zealand’s transport and logistics providers. Experion’s technical expertise, scalable teams, and intuitive designs outdistance industry competitors to encourage this business growth.

Operations Manager,
Transportation Solutions Provider,
Melbourne, Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

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When it comes to enabling digital transformation, Experion has a practice-driven, business unit-led approach. Delivering true ROI continues to be our primary focus, in every technology consulting project that we undertake. We are a 100% digitally focused company, and we want to bring in the best possible digital transformation outcomes in the domains we focus on. Our razor-sharp focus on niche areas like behavioral health and intelligent mobility has been an advantage too. The learnings we get from such a focused approach refine our capabilities to serve our customers better. In addition, the outcomes our clients get and the effectiveness of the solutions we provide are much higher, thanks to our flat organizational structure.

Our key offerings include Product Engineering Services, where our product lifecycle processes ensure strategic value, Enterprise Solutions & Services, providing more agility to businesses, Digital Transformation Services, smartly wiring up systems for performance par excellence. Our products FieldMax® and xPort® elevate the Retail/FMCG/CPG businesses and port operations respectively to the next level of readiness, shielding against competition and defining new benchmarks.

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