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GIS-Based Transport Geofencing & Real-time Monitoring​
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To enable a contemporary, real-time multi-party logistics network, it is essential to have a GIS-based solution that can observe, coordinate, and enhance all the tractions of a supply chain simultaneously. With mobile-enabled GIS solutions, companies can do away with expensive GIS hardware. 

We design solutions that can be accessed from anywhere, adjusted for all platforms (mobile and web), with in-built modules that ensure the quick installation of the solution across the board.

Our Capabilities:

  • Preplanning (Routing, Resource Allocation)
  • Tailored Geospatial And GIS Development
  • Geoprocessing, Geocoding, And Reverse Geocoding
  • GPS Based Tracking And Navigation
  • Non-GPS Geospatial Analysis
  • Telematics
  • V2X Infrastructure Situational Awareness

Take A Look At Our Offerings

Intelligent Traffic Management

Blending leading-edge information with communication technologies to boost the efficiency of traffic networks, lower traffic congestion and enhance drivers' experiences.

Smart Mobility Solutions

Leveraging the transformative power of mobile solutions to increase business growth and customer experience.

Transport & Utilities Asset Management

Providing drivers with potent on-the-road solutions by optimizing space usage and improving the efficiency of transport infrastructure operations.

Connected Vehicles (V2X): LoRA, NB-IoT, LTE

Facilitating logistic enterprises with a set of modern applications across different fields of Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Fleet Management and Optimization Solutions

Enabling logistics companies to record real-time data on vehicle operation and escalate business efficiency through various fleet management services.

Smart Ports

Developing data-enabled, insight-driven solutions to address the current and future challenges faced by ports.

Multi-carrier Dispatch Solutions

Providing a smart solution for businesses with shipping requirements to enhance operational efficiency and protect margins

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Digital Property Management & Maintenance

Manage all your properties and keep a single point of contact for tenant, homeowner, property management firm with our digital property management solution.

Connected Construction Site & Construction Process Automation

Enabling real estate companies to address end-to-end construction business processes from design, engineering and management with transformative solutions.

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