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Many businesses continue to rely on manual effort for property maintenance and management. However, as companies expand, the need for a digital platform becomes inevitable. We bring about an approach to strategize, design, and develop solutions that automate the entire property management and maintenance process. Our fully configurable solutions streamline tenant and vendor relations management, financial tracking, and maintenance. 

In addition, handling the daily, monthly, & yearly cash flow of all your properties through our digital solutions gives you the power to account for your properties.

Regardless of your geography and the laws that govern your land, our digital solutions are fully configurable to suit different jurisdictions, statutory laws behind lease agreements, fields to be captured, varying workflows, etc.

Our Capabilities:

  • SaaS-Based White-labelled Platforms
  • Collaboration Platform Between Tenants, Property Owners, And Maintenance Vendors
  • Listing To Lease Management
  • Configurable Lease Agreement / Renewal / Cancellation Forms With Dynamic Fields
  • Fully Automated And Configurable Workflows 
  • Automated Agreements With E-Signature
  • Dynamic Inspection Module
  • Property Owner, Tenants & Vendor Portals
  • Full Fledged Property Accounting
  • Work Order Estimation
  • Change Order Management
  • Recurring Maintenance Work Orders
  • Work Order Task Assignments & Task Logging
  • Mobile App For Supervisors And Laborers
  • Job Invoicing and Payroll Management
  • Cost / Profit Analysis

Take A Look At Our Offerings

Intelligent Traffic Management

Blending leading-edge information with communication technologies to boost the efficiency of traffic networks, lower traffic congestion and enhance drivers' experiences.

Smart Mobility Solutions

Leveraging the transformative power of mobile solutions to increase business growth and customer experience.

Transport & Utilities Asset Management

Providing drivers with potent on-the-road solutions by optimizing space usage and improving the efficiency of transport infrastructure operations.

GIS-Based Transport Geofencing & Real-time Monitoring​

Providing mobile GIS solution to enable enterprises to reduce oversights, improve productivity, and make informed decisions

Connected Vehicles (V2X): LoRA, NB-IoT, LTE

Facilitating logistic enterprises with a set of modern applications across different fields of Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Fleet Management and Optimization Solutions

Enabling logistics companies to record real-time data on vehicle operation and escalate business efficiency through various fleet management services.

Smart Ports

Developing data-enabled, insight-driven solutions to address the current and future challenges faced by ports.

Multi-Carrier Dispatch Solutions

Providing a smart solution for businesses with shipping requirements to enhance operational efficiency and protect margins

Connected Construction Site & Construction Process Automation

Enabling real estate companies to address end-to-end construction business processes from design, engineering and management with transformative solutions.

Smart Property Maintenance

Handling the daily, monthly & yearly cash flow of all your properties through our digital solution, thereby giving you the power of accounting for your properties.

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Construction Design Quote Management

Advancements in data analytics and mobile technology allow fleet managers to consolidate these innovations and make better-informed decisions in real-time to see the aggregation of marginal gains.

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Hear It From Our Client

Their efficiency is what stands out to me the most. They jumped on a fairly aggressive project, which ended up being bigger than we thought, but they never backed off. They worked with us on a daily basis to achieve the results we needed.

Fintech Company, New York

After the first few projects, Experion Technologies has become more seasoned and familiar with our standards and our personnel. We have developed a healthy and trusting working relationship...the entirety of their work makes it easier for our customers to do their jobs.

Transportation & Logistics Solutions Company,

Experion provides valuable insight into what tools we should use and how aspects should be built, but the final decision is mine. Experion seems to truly care about my success and doing a good job. They’re quick to respond to my decisions, and they’re often ahead of me, which is impressive.

Nonprofit Software Company, Cleveland,

Experion’s fusion of methodologies elicits maximum efficiency, and their willingness to take on challenges continues to leave a profound impression...they projected this perspective at all levels of their organization. As a true partner, Experion always helps us reach the most suitable solution.

IT Manager,
Retail Solutions Company,

Thanks to Experion’s technical skills, the enhanced product has facilitated significant company growth...their problem-solving abilities and accessibility continue to impress.

Hospitality Software,

To date, the launched apps are being used to successfully manage the freight operations of many of Australia and New Zealand’s transport and logistics providers. Experion’s technical expertise, scalable teams, and intuitive designs outdistance industry competitors to encourage this business growth.

Operations Manager,
Transportation Solutions Provider,
Melbourne, Australia

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