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We understand that in order to keep successful products successful, they need to be maintained. 

But with rapid growth, organizations outgrow the systems they worked with successfully for years and are compelled to change them. One of the most effective ways of extracting maximum ROI from your investments and reducing application downtime is to extend the life of your legacy systems. 

Startups require the backing of uninterrupted service from software solutions to reduce application downtimes. Experion offers tailored startup business solutions to ensure this and boost growth for new businesses.

Our Services:

  • Enhancements and Upgrades 
  • Performance Monitoring
  • User Support 
  • Level-based Incident Management
  • Migration

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got something on your mind? Here are a few commonly asked questions:

Application modernization is imperative to make the most of digital technologies like AI, machine learning, big data, and the cloud. It helps transform your IT ecosystem based on the current market trends. Application modernization is the best way by which you can build a flexible foundation for future innovation. Application modernization will mean at least a 40% increase in productivity for your organization. Modernizing applications and facilitating access to better developer services can help make engineering teams more productive and enhance the time-to-market.

Experion has the necessary experience turning around mature software systems through re-platforming and re-engineering. We can help with application modernization by offering services like Portfolio assessment & planning, Application Re-architecture, Application Re-engineering, Application Migration & Re-hosting, Data Migration and Application Integration.

Application modernization is not something that is optional. This process has many benefits for the business, including speed increases, utilization of infrastructure, engagement enhancement, and productivity acceleration. Some of the reasons for enterprises to think of upgrading and modernizing their in-house applications are due to the high costs of legacy maintenance, low flexibility for change as per changing business needs or unfriendly user experience.

Improved process efficiency and better performance are the top business benefits of choosing to modernize applications. Application modernization allows your business to integrate modern platforms and technologies thereby giving you that definite competitive edge. Modernization of legacy applications enhances its interoperability with new technologies, platforms, and code and hence this means better compatibility. This can help your business in rearchitecting your legacy applications to cloud-native applications. Legacy applications make businesses more vulnerable to security threats. Modernizing applications with a refined user-facing interface, leading-edge functionalities, and innovative features will improve customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

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