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Interaction Design is about designing how your users and technology interact with each other. When you have a clear understanding of how this relationship works, you can anticipate user actions and user interfaces to fix issues early and conceive brand new ways of being efficient.

 “Interaction Design is the creation of a dialogue between a person and a product, system, or service. This dialogue is both physical and emotional in nature and is manifested in the interplay between form, function, and technology as experienced over time.” – John Kolko, Author of Thoughts on Interaction Design.

Interaction designers work on the way users interact with products and use principles of good communication to create desired user experiences.

As a UX design company, Experion utilizes industry best practices to create engaging interfaces with well-thought-out behaviors to ensure your customers have a truly phenomenal experience.

Our Services:

  • Goal-driven, human-centered design 
  • Usability and Ergonomics 
  • Design Patterns
  • Design Iterations 
  • Product Backlog with Prioritization
  • User Story and Acceptance Criteria
  • Product Validation Analytics
  • UX Audit

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User Research & Analysis

Immersive UI Design and Development

Cognitive Design Strategy

Wireframe and Interactive Prototyping

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