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Good design isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s about crafting a simple, intuitive interface that improves user experience and builds brand loyalty. At Experion, we work with enterprises, SMEs, and startups around the world to create web and mobile applications using a wide range of UI/UX services. Our end-user perspective allows us to design products that meet your business goals and ensure customer satisfaction.

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User Research & Analysis

Interaction Design & Persuasion Engineering

Cognitive Design Strategy

Immersive UI Design and Development

Wireframe and Interactive Prototyping


Hear it from our clients

Their efficiency is what stands out to me the most. They jumped on a fairly aggressive project, which ended up being bigger than we thought, but they never backed off. They worked with us on a daily basis to achieve the results we needed.

Fintech Company, New York

After the first few projects, Experion Technologies has become more seasoned and familiar with our standards and our personnel. We have developed a healthy and trusting working relationship...the entirety of their work makes it easier for our customers to do their jobs.

Transportation & Logistics Solutions Company,

Experion provides valuable insight into what tools we should use and how aspects should be built, but the final decision is mine. Experion seems to truly care about my success and doing a good job. They’re quick to respond to my decisions, and they’re often ahead of me, which is impressive.

Nonprofit Software Company, Cleveland,

Experion’s fusion of methodologies elicits maximum efficiency, and their willingness to take on challenges continues to leave a profound impression...they projected this perspective at all levels of their organization. As a true partner, Experion always helps us reach the most suitable solution.

IT Manager,
Retail Solutions Company,

Thanks to Experion’s technical skills, the enhanced product has facilitated significant company growth...their problem-solving abilities and accessibility continue to impress.

Hospitality Software,

To date, the launched apps are being used to successfully manage the freight operations of many of Australia and New Zealand’s transport and logistics providers. Experion’s technical expertise, scalable teams, and intuitive designs outdistance industry competitors to encourage this business growth.

Operations Manager,
Transportation Solutions Provider,
Melbourne, Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got something on your mind? Here are a few commonly asked questions:

Experion’s team of designer-strategists work on creating a design roadmap for a solution that factors in every individual that will engage with the solution, whether the solution is used by someone at the organization or a potential customer.

The strategy makes room for the design of the solution to be flexible. So, if the firm decides to add a feature or two at a later stage, it can be easily accommodated.

According to a study by Forester, businesses that invest in user experience witness lower support costs, lower cost of customer acquisition, better customer retention, and enhanced market share.

Experion’s design solutions are creative, innovative, and always out-of-the-box and tailor-made to suit specific business needs. Whether it is a start-up just off the ground, a small/medium-sized business, or a large enterprise, we’ve got your needs covered.

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