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Modern Digital Technology solutions have made it critical for businesses to rely on the right partner to help with technology requirements across the entire IT spectrum.  
This is why Experion’s Technology Strategy & Consulting practice can help you determine a strategy, prioritize spending, and chart a practical plan for your envisioned tech-driven upgrade – a plan that focuses on maximizing business value from your investments.

Our Services:

  • Tech Assessment 
  • DevOps
  • Solution Alternatives
  • Migration Feasibility
  • Strategy Formulation 
  • Organizational Readiness Consulting 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got something on your mind? Here are a few commonly asked questions:

Having been in the digital space with around 1,000 people, spanning 15 years, across multiple geographies, and system load factors, Experion has the credibility to be the right partner in offering technology consulting services. We come armed with the relevant expertise in various technology platforms and consumer and enterprise architectural aspects. In our experience as a technology consultant, we have experienced how systems behave under various user/usage scenarios and thus can consult with customers on the technology platforms and architectural considerations while opting for new system development or re-engineering. Connecting enterprises and consumers in the digital space very closely to bring the best agility and value is one of our key strengths. Our experience helps us create a solid base for your digital solutions across various platforms. 

The problems arising from outmoded IT resources and the lack of digital consulting services are well known. Let us look at some of the key reasons why you must use up-to-date IT resources and the help of an expert technology consultant.

Data Losses

One of the primary concerns that arise from the use of redundant IT resources are data losses. Studies show that the global average liabilities due to data losses amount to over $3.5 million. This can account for everything from a cyber breach to digital assets and network attacks, not to mention the risk of serious downtime.


The incompatibility of devices, software, and networks can cause significant crashes and system failures.

Loss of Customers

Outdated tech resources will stagnate your progress in delivering the products to your customers swiftly. This is certain to jeopardize your reputation and lead to leaching in the customer count.

When you choose Experion as your technology consultant, we can curate the best experiences for you by embracing the excellent aspects of outsourcing while constantly striving to eliminate its shortcomings. You are guaranteed a partner that inspires the best technology has to offer; our 14+ years of experience in this domain stands and imposes testimony to our drive to innovate and secure the future of digital transformation.

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