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Application development processes have transformed from being isolated events that attain completion and lead to maintenance efforts, to those that are continuous. DevOps brings together operational and development activities with the help of digital transformation to make this process more efficient and simple – resulting in enterprise solutions that are designed with improved agility and quality, which helps in faster turnaround times to meet customer expectations.

Our Services:

  • DevOps Readiness Assessment and Review
  • DevOps Accelerator Programs
  • DevOps Managed Services
  • Automation of Software & Infrastructure Deployment
  • DevOps/SRE Processes, Framework Deployment, & Implementation
  • Performance Optimization and Stress Testing
  • DevOps Tools
  • Centralized Log Management

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Our DevOps tools permeate every aspect of our technology consulting. We are engrossed in the DevOps best practices, like continuous production and deployment, automatic testing, and input loops, helping you create a digital environment that supports quick reviewing across the board, an instrumental asset to obtaining quick solutions to bugs and speeding up reviews. Experion gives you the edge as we bring DevOps automation, assessment and management under our consulting operations (DevOps-as-a-service), making it easier for you to scale your business through continuous delivery and integration. 

From our experiences working with large and small businesses over the last decade, one of the significant challenges customers have is refining their CICD. A typical scenario is companies operating under PaaS systems, which have an in-built automation framework, proving to be fragile and unscalable as they do not know if it is the right kind of automation for their businesses. This can be fixed by fine-tuning their CICD through our DevOps as a service offering. However, the need of the hour for most companies, especially those outside the digital realm, is the migration to cloud databases from on-prem. Statistics tell us that while benefits like efficiency and speed are apparent, payoffs about data security are hidden to many. And many are yet to make the switch. This is mainly due to the debilitating capital investments that most are not ready to make. DevOps automation implementation is actually very cost-efficient, although only in the long run. We often achieve this using the lift and shift principle, where data and applications are moved to the cloud with no redesign. This kind of rehosting is highly economical for customers while liberating data trapped in on-premises systems, although it means they cannot fully leverage native-cloud features. We also undertake customized migration, which is ideal for fully utilizing cloud services' capabilities.  Re-architecting is the only solution to pick if you want to create a cloud monitoring service. 

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