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Automation Solutions can play a pivotal role in delivering fulfilling and reliable customer experiences. Automation is imperative for self-evolving enterprises to keep up with the era of disruption.

The digital transformation of all the data and processes across your enterprise can seem like a daunting task. The Experion Automation Solutions helps transform enterprises by leveraging options like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Process Automation (BPA) and Digital Process Automation (DPA).

Our Services:

  • Enterprise Automation
  • Intelligent Process Automation
  • Automation Process Analysis
  • RPA / BPA Implementation
  • Maintenance and Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got something on your mind ? Here are a few commonly asked questions:

Businesses can prepare themselves by identifying opportunities where automation solutions can be used, they can validate the opportunity, design a strategic roadmap or action plan on how best to leverage automation solutions, develop the plan for intelligent automation, deploy the automation solutions and educate and train the employees to man the automation capability.

When it comes to implementing automation solutions, a top mistake that companies make is starting without a clear idea or objective. Companies should ask questions such as why are they going to opt for automation, what are the risks that they are trying to mitigate with automation solutions and how these solutions are going to help them. A tech partner with the right expertise can help avoid other mistakes like using the wrong tools & technologies, not leveraging proper quality assurance, not educating the team on the automation solutions, continuing with inefficient or sub-optimal processes and not employing suitable resources to the project.

Our Automation solutions can be leveraged to handle Business processes & operations, IT Operations, Network Operations, Support Automation & Infrastructure Automation.

When traditional Automation solutions help with the automation of repeated tasks RPA can get this done without any human intervention. In the RPA domain, Experion can help in process selection, RPA tool evaluation, RPA implementation, monitoring and maintenance.

Experion’s approach to intelligent automation is to make automation solutions a shared goal at the enterprise level, to create a roadmap for the automation solutions journey, to ensure seamless change management, to reimagine customer, partners, vendors & employee experience with automation solutions along with the end-to-end implementation of automation solutions.

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