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Cognitive Computing

A digital transformation that is powered by Cognitive Computing entails data being converted into true business value. Unlike archaic systems, cognitive computing systems can make actual sense of the data it encounters. Cognitive systems are reshaping the world of computing by making the best use of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning capabilities.

For data-driven companies that are looking to achieve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability, AI & ML can offer that competitive edge. When it comes to adopting cognitive solutions that best suits your transformational objectives, Experion can help you with decoding the cognitive business. Experion has successfully helped companies in the Education, Urban Transportation, Insurance and Smart Mobility space leverage the best of AI & ML Capabilities.

Our Services:

  • AI/ML Data Monetization Solutions for Enterprises 
  • AI/ML​ – Prediction, Classification, Clustering, Anomaly Detection, Decision Trees And Regression. ​
  • Deep Learning Networks – CNN, LSTM, RNN, MLPs, DBNs, RBMs. 
  • Cloud Solutions – Azure AI, AWS Machine Learning,  Google Vertex AI​
  • Computer Vision – Image Analysis, Classification, Object Detection & Tracking, Sematic Segmentation, Instance Segmentation, Content-based image retrieval, Edge Computing, Object Recognition with Point Cloud
  • Speech Recognition​ – Signal Processing, Signal Analysis, Feature Extraction, Phonetics, Models – ASR DL. 
  • Intelligent Transport and Smart Mobility Solutions 
  • Consulting Services
  • Proof of Concept

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