Connecting the dots to the Internet of Tomorrow


Experion has had an illustrious background in building software for a wide variety of devices while tapping internet, mobile and embedded technologies. We have designed and implemented software solutions for devices which track, monitor and capture real time information from various devices. We have worked with remote sensors, scanners, QR codes, printers, smart meters, wearable devices and mobile devices to create actionable intelligence for both enterprise users and decision makers.


Experion has undertaken extensive research into emerging technologies and specialized frameworks for IoT such as Tizen, XMPP, BLE, 802.15.4, among other standards. Our expertise is in developing web/ mobile applications to promote “interactions” between enterprise systems and its users. Some of the key domains where Experion offers specialized services in IoT include Healthcare, Retail, Transportation and Supply Chain/Logistics.


Experion would help you to develop solutions which will enrich the lives of both Enterprise and Consumer lives by transforming formerly “dumb” systems to IoT enabled “Smart” systems. Convergence of virtual, physical machines with emerging tech like cloud, analytics and sensors are transforming traditional business around the world. We can help you stay ahead of the curve by transforming your business

Mobile phones have transformed from communication tools to actuators of IoT

Device to device communication

Also known as D2D or Machine to Machine (M2M) communication, this involves collection of data from monitoring sensors or smart meters and transmission over wired or wireless (Zigbee, RF or GSM) connections. The data can be further utilized as input for other devices or for centralized monitoring.

Proximity Communication

Technologies such as iBeacon, Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth and RFID can initiate communication with devices (such as smartphones or wearable devices) based on proximity. Apart from industrial scenarios, verticals such as retail, healthcare, travel, etc. can leverage the immense potential of proximity communication to reach out to end customers.

Location based communication

GPS chips can accurately pinpoint device location, enabling businesses to communicate location specific information or offer location based services. The technology o ffers infinite possibilities in marketing, advertising, payment processing, customer relationship management and loyalty management across diverse verticals.