Invest more on your core competency by putting in place a cloud strategy


Experion has had an illustrious background in building cloud infrastructure for a wide variety of Enterprises. Experion has re-architected old software applications that were too slow and outdated by migrating it to the cloud. Availability, reliability and low operations cost are reasons to choose cloud when it comes to any new product development. Our team of developers are experts in utilizing the scalability and agility of cloud infrastructure to develop solutions which require minimum IT spending while being highly efficient.


Experion’s expertise lies in utilizing cloud infrastructure for making very powerful, cost efficient Web/ Mobile platforms. We are experts at determining which processes of your business can be migrated to the cloud. Our architects are experts in determining the best cloud strategy for your business, be it in migrating existing solution to the cloud or a completly creating a new cloud solution. Experion’s expertise lies in developing solutions which manage security risk, fraud and revenue loss while using industry best practices to deploy cloud infrastructure.


Experion will transform your organization by leveraging cloud and reduce the total cost of ownership of IT systems. Experion has an Enterprise Partner Agreement with Windows Azure to offer cloud based services to clients. We are the experts when it comes to interdisciplinary process like mobile cloud integration and are pioneers in cloud integration and cloud migration of existing solutions. We develop scalable, reliable mobile solutions which doesn’t compromise on security.

Cloud technology, a catalyst for the next generation of IoT/Mobile applications

Cloud Strategy

Not Every solution can be migrated to cloud, not every solution can be integrated to have a cloud component. What is the best strategy for your business? How can you reduce your infrastructure cost while improving your solutions? Our Architects have the answer. Take a free consultation for an evaluation of your business

Migration: Mobile/web

Migrate an existing server to a cloud provider. Migrate a cloud server to another cloud provider. Want to make sure that your cloud solution runs seamlessly on mobile by creating a mobile application? Experion has numerous cloud migration projects under its belt and would be an ideal partner for all your cloud computation needs.

Integration :Mobile/web

Work with our experienced engineers and integrate your enterprise solutions to the cloud.Create solutions which integrate cloud with on premise data, synch with offline data. Create mobile solutions for your company which optimizes the flexibility and prowess of cloud on right your phone or tablet.