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Getting valuable insights and actionable intelligence from available data is critical for survival for today’s businesses. With data lying in disparate data systems, monitoring & tracking key performance indicators and business parameters is a major challenge for enterprises. We have developed powerful analytics solutions that have the ability to collate data from enterprise systems, quickly sieve though high volume data to fetch relevant information and predict business / market performance for intelligent decision making.


We have a dedicated team for providing analytics solutions to clients. With extensive expertise in Analytical tools such as MS SQL Server Services (SSIS/ SSRS), SAP BI, Pentaho, QlikView, Tableau and HighCharts, we have delivered custom solutions to help clients overcome their business challenges. We have developed analytics solutions to clients in diverse domains such as Retail, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Transportation, Healthcare and Media, which helps make smarter and faster decisions.


We can help you consolidate data from different enterprise systems, visualize data based on user profile and perform predictive analytics from past data. Analytics solutions developed by our team are used by some of leading enterprises across the globe. In partnership with leading academic institutes, we also offer consulting in the area of statistical analysis, modeling, algorithm development for Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Machine Learning (ML) solutions, Image Processing and Sentiment Analysis.

We develop custom analytics solutions that provide deep insights for your business


With data lying is different systems, it is often a struggle to consolidate data and get a single view of key business parameters. ETL processes help extract data from disparate systems, clean up the data and store it in datawarehouse systems.

Data Visualization

Making available the right data at the right time is critical for businesses. But unless it is effectively visualized, decision making can be hampered. Data visualization in the form of dashboards and interactive reports can help the end users make informed decisions.

Predictive Analytics

Businesses cannot remain in a reactive mode in today’s fiercely competitive market. Predictive Analytics combines a variety of tools and techniques to analyze data continuously and make predictions based on complex algorithms and data models.